COVID vaccine incentives and discounts help brand sales

CVS is currently offering a $5 off $20 shopping pass with any vaccine visit—the promotion includes coupons at Target stores for Target merchandise. Members who opt into a pharmacy and health

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Retailers Are Offering More Coupons Than Ever This …

Kohl's, which offered 15% off and 20% off coupons this year, also had high redemption rates last year, the company said. Whether …

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Retail America Is Having a Big Sale -- but for How Long

The Groupon concept is to give consumers the opportunity to buy coupons for something like 50% off regular prices. Then Groupon splits coupon sales 50-50 with local retailers. Sounds like a great

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Get 10% off Ad A Ge Rese ARch Repo Rts, with coupon code wh10 new • Shape your agency’s creative identity with this benchmark guide to agency management • Master best practices for integrated marketing communications between advertising and social media • Learn five practical methods for successfully listening to and engaging with consumers

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Marketers: Beware the Coupon Mom Ad Age

For me, she's organized a special trip, including a stop at Harris Teeter to take advantage of a "super double" promotion -- for the uninitiated, that means coupons $1.98 or less will double in value.

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Watch the newest commercials on TV from Fracture, Ford

) And Fracture, which prints digital photos directly on glass, serves up a 15-percent-off discount coupon code (TV15). Today's TV Ad Highlights Data provided by

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Grocery and Supermarket Ad Age

In 1976, advertisers distributed a record 45.8 billion cents-off coupons, more than 72% of them carried in newspapers, according to Nielsen Clearing House, a processor of redeemed coupons.

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Are Consumers Ready for Mobile Grocery Shopping

The most recent update ports coupons into the search tool so that , say, a shopper may add one brand of yogurt to the list over another because offers 50¢ off. reports

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Suddenly, Everyone Wants to Be Groupon Ad Age

From Walmart to a hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz., marketers have taken notice of the two-year-old Groupon that's amassed 25 million subscribers.

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In Push for Digital Dollars, Look Beyond CPG's TV

When you consider that Sunday newspapers also account for about 90% of all cents-off coupons, print has been the medium of choice for the CPG industry. The use of TV has been mainly reserved for

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off coupons for Kraft Singles and 40¢ off four cans of soup. “Warm hearts without stretching 5% to 50% off on 1,200 items “Guaranteed low prices. Now even

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What Groupon Means for Grandma's Coupons Ad Age

Consumers must buy in advance, so redemption rates are more like 85% to 90% rather than the 1% or so typical for cents-off cereal coupons distributed in newspapers, he said.

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Brand strategies for an expensive Thanksgiving Ad Age

Brands have similarly reduced the intensity of discounts. “Brand manufacturers have gotten away from the average deal being 20%, or 20 cents on every dollar of sales pre-COVD, and up to 25% in

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Cloris Leachman Launches Twitter War Against GoDaddy's Bob

Why, a Network Solutions page, complete with the coupon code, "ELEPHANT." Now, before anyone accuses Leachman of selling out or something, it must be pointed out that she's a longtime PETA

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Groupon Takes Coupons Into the Social-Media Age Ad Age

Groupon Takes Coupons Into the Social-Media Age. or entertainment offer at typically 50% off face value -- say $30 voucher for $60 dinner or $50 for a spa package. Once the deal has hooked a

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Cut it out: U.S. stores may kill coupon clutter Ad Age

You're a vegetarian dog owner with a weakness for ice cream who drinks nothing but organic milk, suffers from an obsessive-compulsive cleaning disorder and consumes three cans of artichokes a week.

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Burger King makes kids do math for free Whoppers Ad Age

A new question is being presented each day on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages and on the app. It kicked off Monday with a math problem. day 1 of student offers: MATH. enter the answer

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Honda Dealer Gets Into Ad Accident Ad Age

It sure seemed as if Mr. Opportunity came knocking for residents of Roswell, N.M., last week. A lucky 30,000 of them received scratch-off tickets from their local Honda dealer that pronounced them

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The Top Five Brands on Facebook Ad Age

According to the research, "In total, 65% of Facebook users say they login only before or after work/school and 69% use Facebook on the weekends or days off." You can see the full report about

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Why Promotion May End Up a Bad Deal for Packaged Goods

A study by Infegy's Social Radar found on average that 5.3% of social-media mentions of 14 CPG and apparel brands last year referred to deals, discounts or coupons -- and that percentage spiked to

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Burt's Bees : Coupon Billboard Ad Age

The billboard, which is made entirely out of discount coupons for Burt's products, shows a woman with dry flaky skin. Passersby can …

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Testing Methods Ad Age

The importance of testing has long been recognized. In 1879, N.W. Ayer & Sons used ad testing to land a major account. By 1920, ad testing was one of the standard services offered by advertising

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Pornhub's 'bonerless' bathing suit keeps guys from

It retails for $69.69 (get it?), though the coupon code BONER drops it by $20. A music video in the vein of dance scenes from surf films like “Beach Blanet Bingo” follows a hapless beachgoer

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How to Balance Brand Building and Price Promotion Ad Age

A recent IRI study, entitled "Competing in a Transforming Economy 4.0," found that 64% of consumers say they are now making lists before they shop, while 51% consider coupons an important factor

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receive 20% off coupons for use in participating stores. In 2006, sales at Bon-Ton stores far exceeded those in the previous year; for Goodwill, more than 5 million pounds of donations were collected, generating more than $7 million to support job training and career services. Silver Winner:Target/Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kit Business

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Major department stores, like Bloomingdale's, have long reached out to newlyweds with 10%-off coupons to collect wedding registry items their guests didn't give them.

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Flat-Out Greed Outweighs Savvy Frugality in TLC's 'Extreme

Flat-Out Greed Outweighs Savvy Frugality in TLC's 'Extreme Couponing'. Yes, It's on the Learning Channel, but Don't Expect Any Lessons. By Sheila Dougherty. Published on July 11, 2011. READ THIS

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An elderly couple emerges from lockdown to give a special

The spot, via TBWA/Neboko, highlights the fast feeder's "Happy Bag" promotion in the McDonald's app where people can gift their loved ones with a bag of summer food and two dinner coupons (users

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Oil Companies Ad Age

Special promotions were pitched through mailings to credit card customers (credit cards had been introduced in the 1950s), tear-off coupons on products such as road maps and premium offers

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There will also be 46 million free-standing inserts with $1-off coupons. In this article: News; Pat Sloan. View all articles by this author. Most Popular . …

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What Domino's Did Right -- and Wrong -- in Squelching

Domino's also opened a Twitter account to deal with consumer inquiries. The Domino's apology video had gotten 330,000 views at press time. The original offending video had reached nearly 1 million

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Media: AP App to Help Print Compete With Coupon Apps

And because many readers buy the print edition partly or largely for the coupons, coupon apps such as GroceryIQ and Yowza Mobile Coupons could undermine the popularity of newspapers -- in print or

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Brand strategies for an expensive Thanksgiving Ad Age

Sprouts isn’t giving up deals entirely. Its subscribers are now receiving a direct mail promotion including $30 worth of coupons that can be used in-store and on now through the middle of December. The mailer includes details on Sprouts’ pre-order offerings, specialty items like Cellar Picks wines.

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Coupons Inc. Counts on Brandcaster to Get Sale-Seekers

Although Gen Y has migrated from newspapers to the web, it hasn't migrated nearly as quickly to online coupons. The internet accounted for only 0.4% of coupon distribution last year but -- thanks

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Domino's Claims Victory With Pizza Makeover Strategy Ad Age

Nominees get coupons and nominators get rewards along the way, and the consumer who "converts the most taste buds" will get a …

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Shopper Marketing: IPG Looks to Boost Shopper Experience

Another product, bCode, brings mobile couponing to the retail experience, enabling consumers with any phone to redeem retail-based coupons at the point of sale.

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Chobani Takes Aim At Other Light Greek Yogurts Ad Age

A 12-week marketing push starting now includes everything from TV commercials and print advertising to coupons and a promotional push at Life Time Fitness gyms. The campaign plays off the idea

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More CPG Players Embrace E-commerce Ad Age

It includes letting the manufacturers keep the retailer margin and making money off selling marketing services to the CPG marketers. is collecting $10 to …

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Marketers Again Mistakenly Think 9/11 Is a Good Brand

It's become an annual ritual: trying to convince marketers that the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000 people, is …

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Court Rules Chobani Must Halt Ads It Already Stopped

Chobani has been offering $1 off coupons on its web site where it showed the different ingredients in the three yogurt brands. Now, the Greek yogurt maker's online marketing is set to ask other

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The top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about

Building off the success of the Nike Pro Hijab it introduced a few years ago for Muslim athletes, the brand has developed a full line of swimwear that will enhance swimmers’ performance while

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Give It Away: Fast Feeders Favor Freebies Ad Age

KFC also gave away 75,000 coupons for free Buffalo Snackers in seven days, a push that drew nearly 3 million page views to that week, boosting traffic more than 40%.

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JC Penney : Things Are Changing Ad Age

An accompanying Facebookgame will ask visitors to engage in another complicated sale -- cutting out tons of coupons and lining up at strange times -- in order to get a percentage off some merchandise.

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General Mills Ad Age

At the same time, the company closed half its flour mills and sold off unprofitable lines. By 1978, toys accounted for $483.3 million in sales, or one-third of total revenue.

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