15,000 Minnesota Nurses to Walk Off Job

Thousands of union nurses walked off the job at 15 hospitals across the Twin Cities and Duluth area on Monday morning, launching the largest private-sector nurses strike …

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Looking for creative mock code ideas.

Use 'real' Crash Cart stuff in order to give participants an opportunity to actually manipulate all the gizmos - you can beg outdated/expired stuff or order mock supplies that …

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Hospice and the MDS

Hospice and the MDS. Specializes in MDS Coordinator. Has 38 years experience. 1. If a resident goes on Hospice but dies 2 days after the ARD (day 8)does the MDS still have …

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Excessive Absenteeism in the Nursing Profession

We are all aware of the global nursing shortage, problems of excessive absenteeism only exacerbate this problem by decreasing. what may be an already shortened …

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How to count Narcotics

When the count is off, the person with the key is to blame. Missing narcs can result in board and police involvement. Always count your narcs coming in shift. Accept no …

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Calling A Code Death (call police

Just recently my 80 y/o brother died, after a fall off the porch and fracturing C1 and C2. He was walking his huge dog (140 lb) who bolted after some deer, and pulling him off …

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Calling A Code Death (call police

Jcezz, CNA, LVN, RN. 18 Posts. Aug 19. 8 minutes ago, MunoRN said: Anyone who suspects that a death was the result of foul play is allowed to notify the applicable …

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NCLEX 2021 went all the way up to almost 150

For one, I don't know if I pass or fail and two I went to almost all the way to 150. I thought the test was design to go to 145 questions only. I did have two case studies thrown in …

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Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

Posted Aug 27. by Itsryry (New) Register to Comment. I failed my NCLEX the first time in 75 questions. I didn't even know that was possible. I am really struggling on how to …

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University of Calgary January 2023

Student000. That's normal, the current cut off is GPA 3.9 and everyone else will be waitlisted. 3.90 is just a starting point, and they will slowly work their way down the list of …

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University of Calgary January 2023

Posted May 24. by chipmunk220 (New) Specializes in student. You are reading page 3 of University of Calgary January 2023. If you want to start from the beginning Go to …

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Cost of 1 Year in Florida IPN

Annual program fee “relapse prevention fee” 50.00 X 1 = 50.00. Urine drug test 57.00 X 24 = 1368.00. Blood test 99.00 X 4 = 396.00. Extra expensive urine test 138.00 X 1 = …

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Medication Charting Errors

Medication Charting Errors. I’ve been an LPN for since 1995. Mostly clinics. Last year I went on the floor at a facility that uses CPSI. Shortly out of my 90 days I was terminated …

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