Consumer Coupon Use is Up, Expected to Increase reported that in 2010, some 2.1 billion food coupons were redeemed – and that another 1.2 billion in non-food coupons were used. …

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Covid-19 Financial Assistance: Where to Find Help

Credit card companies, who usually make millions every month off late payment and over-the-limit fees, backed off penalizing their customers for most of 2020, allowing them to defer payments for two or three billing cycles. That assistance appears to be going away at a lot of the major card companies.

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Financial Help for Seniors: Government Benefits, Paying Debt

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average retiree over the age of 65 spends over $46,000 a year or almost $4,000 a month. The average Social Security retirement benefit for 2019 is $1,461 a month, or $17,532 a year. That’s a pretty substantial gap. What the average person gets in benefits will cover the cost of housing, which

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How to Tell Your Kids about Your Debt

Do you use coupons at the grocery store and proudly crow, “I just saved us $13.97!” If you have to put off or curtail some of their pastimes and activities, show them how you are planning to sacrifice as well, for the sake of the family’s fiscal health.

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How Consumers Can Use Groups to Save Money

Groupon is the new coupon. This online, deal-of-the-day, group-buying craze offers steep discounts for a wide range of products and services. It can be a wonderful thing in this sluggish economy, a perfect way for savvy consumers to save money in uncertain times, but only if they show some restraint.

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12 Easy Ways to Cut Expenses at Home

12. Pay Off Your Outstanding Debts. The faster you get rid of debt, the more money you’ll have in your monthly budget. As mentioned earlier, to pay off debt, credit card debt must be a major focus. Unlike your car or mortgage payment, it …

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Financial Help for Diabetics

In 2017, diabetics spent $15 billion on insulin; $3.7 billion on supplies and $15.8 billion on other anti-diabetes agents. Type 1 diabetics, who can’t live without insulin, watched the price of the most popular form of the drug skyrocket from $20 per vial in 1996 to $275 per vial in 2018, an increase of 1,275%.

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Annuities & Structured Settlements

Typically, the funder will ask for a discount rate of between 6% and 29% of the settlement’s value. There are other costs, including surrender charges of as much as 10%, and if you sell the annuity before you reach the age of 59 ½ you will pay federal tax penalties.

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10 Financial Tips for College Students

Look off-campus for restaurant or retail jobs with part-time hours. If you work summers, make sure that you put some of that income away for use during the school year. You might as well get used to working and saving. You’ll be …

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The real total should have been $21.62, but last night was Tuesday, and the burger place indeed advertised that it would take half off all dinners. Mrs. Fay had spent the day moving all sorts of stuff into the kitchen and family room and pulling up carpet so she could finish putting down wood floors.

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What To Do with Gift Cards from a Store That Is Out of

If your card is for a small or locally-owned business, petition your state’s attorney general. The Attorney General’s Office may be able to force the business to honor gift cards. For larger corporations, you can file a claim in court for the amount your gift card is worth. This requires a bit of an understanding of the bankruptcy process.

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Fact or Fiction: Debt Relief in the Time of Coronavirus

Borrowers should contact their loan services to find out how they are affected. But all in all, waived interest is a good thing. Moreover, as Congress wrestles over the details of Coronavirus Stimulus III, arguments on behalf of granting even further student loan relief are coming from the left (mostly) and right.

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How to Save on the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Find manufacturer coupons online. Look up your medication before you go to the store and print out coupons. Read the fine print, too, because you may be able use the same coupon more than once if you will be refilling the prescription. Ask about larger pills or larger quantities. Double doses of pills do not always cost twice as much.

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How to Create and Manage a Budget – Household Finance and

Step 4: Revisit Your Original Budget. After you’ve had a chance to monitor your income and expenses for a month or two, you will be more aware of areas that need adjusting. Maybe your initial monthly income estimates were off, or perhaps you didn’t account for expenses like car repairs or veterinary bills.

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The Latest Debt & Finance Blog

The latest news on debt and personal finance, real estate and mortgages, student loans, and veterans financial issues.

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Consumer Fraud Protection: Types of Financial & Credit

Ads that ask a consumer to dial a 900 number for information about a credit card. The scammers make money off charges for the call. How to Avoid 900 Number Scams: The 900 number is a dead giveaway. A legitimate business will not ask you to pay for the phone call but will provide a free 800 number. Fake Trial Offers

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Online Homebuyer Education Courses: Your Options

Visit Site. Price. $99. Time. 2 hours. Description. HomeTrek is a nine-chapter course with a multiple-choice assessment. A 70% or higher grade on the final assessment earns a certificate of completion that can be printed or emailed to lending agents immediately.

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Paying Your Debts While Unemployed – Finding New Sources

Other tips: Reduce any services you can live without for a while – premium cable TV channels, lawn service, newspaper or magazine subscriptions. Cut down on eating out, and start saving grocery coupons. Prioritize Your Debts. If your survival budget still leaves you in the red, you’re going to have to prioritize your debts.

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Most Americans Still Stressed Over Money

53 percent say they try to save money by shop during sales or use coupons, while 52 percent save by cooking more at home. Nearly one-third (32 percent) say that their finances or lack of money prevent them from living a healthy lifestyle and 20 percent say that they have either considered skipping (9 percent) or skipped (12 percent) a visit to

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Building an Emergency Fund For Unexpected Financial

If you get laid off, fired or quit your job, the average length of unemployment was 24.4 weeks, according to the August 2017 jobs report. Almost 25% of American workers were unemployed more than 27 weeks. Unemployment benefits rarely make up for the lost wages. A six-month emergency fund will make standing in the unemployment line a bit less

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California Couple Learns Financial Lessons the Hard Way

Make payments of $952 a month into an account to pay off the settlements. Stop taking calls from credit card companies and collection agencies. The Hufnagels agreed and added a few conditions of their own: No more annual trips to Disneyland or San Diego. No more eating out, unless it involved deep discount coupons. No more season tickets to

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Excessive Spending Not Necessary At Thanksgiving

Taking off on Thanksgiving Day and going the same route, also cost $496. If you chose the next two most popular destinations – Chicago to Los Angeles – the price for a Wednesday-Sunday itinerary ($350) was only $25 more than …

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Your Smartphone Apps Can Help Organize Your Personal Finances

RetailMeNot: If shopping is your budget weakness, this app allows you to browse top coupons for the most popular stores and receive alerts when your favorite stores have a new deal. It also lets you store the coupons you’ve found for when you have more spending money. No more cutting and shuffling around paper coupons in the checkout line.

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Lending Club Review: How it Works, Requirements and

LendingClub’s typical annual percentage rate (APR) is between 5.99% and 35.89%. There is also an origination fee of 1% to 6% taken off the top of the loan. Once approved, your loan amount will arrive at your bank account in about one week. There’s a monthly repayment schedule that stretches over three to five years (36-60 monthly payments).

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Frugal Man Says Giving Gift Cards at Christmas Is Lazy

Frugal Man: ‘Bah, Humbug!’ to Gift Cards at Christmas. Christmas, as you might imagine, is a tough holiday for people like me. The premise of the holiday is no longer about giving or even receiving. It’s about spending. We are invited, encouraged, cajoled and sometimes even badgered to “celebrate the season” by spending, largely on

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