Does anyone has any REI discount coupon

Updated weekly during 2021—Sale dates, timing, and history of the REI sales and 20% off coupon discount promo codes for members Like icon

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Coupon megathread (post company / deal details / code

Response 1 of 1: UberEats / 20 off 25 it says first user only but worked for several non first users / EAT20B6J28LQ

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Where are the great black friday sales!

Response 1 of 5: I know! I see a lot of 20% off sales, but you can almost always find a 20% off coupon code.

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Any Wayfair coupon with anyone

Response 1 of 6: i often get mailers for 10%. Yoh can call them too and ask for discount, i’ve done that twice. but i mainly just do usps change or address updates and they give you like 15 coupons. 1 of which is wayfair 10% off. you also get 10% off at their other brands

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Does anyone have a referral code/coupon code for Uplift

Response 1 of 2: I don’t have a referral but I did get an Amex over for 150 off orders over 750.

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Anyone have any delta drink coupons they want to share

If you’re worried about getting fired or laid off, or between jobs and worried, or looking for work, just know this: you will be okay. Try to relax and enjoy this …

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Can you still use your health benefit when you give your

Other benefits, such as those that relied on a coupon code at signup for an employee discount, like a gym membership, may remain usable because they wouldn't know you're no longer an employee. Yet other benefits like access to a fitness/diet site via corporate portal single sign on may cut off when your account is locked.

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Does anyone have any idea how bonuses are structured for

Response 1 of 2: Global functions as a whole is pretty bad. But C15 levels and above get okay ones. If you're rated a 2 or 1 you'll do ok. Or if you're part of the Analyst program. They normally take care of you. Also special exceptions for certain people who win at the politics game. All others get ready for gift cards to red lobster. If you're lucky TGIF Friday's on a 9 dollar beer night.

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How do you deal with a Midlevel who tells the partner you

Response 1 of 20: That’s not cool at all. You need to tell the mid-level that you have a lot of deals going on and would need to be kept informed in advance to prioritize. If absolutely needed, escalate to partner.

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How does one get free drink coupon on Southwest

You are currently posting as Deloitte 1. Chief. I think they mail a pack of 5 after like 10 flights or something. Like icon. a month. Posting as : Deloitte 2. You are currently posting as Deloitte 2. I have 47 free drink coupons but they haven't brought back the booze yet.

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Anyone know of an Uplift coupon code for a standing desk

Hi All. Currently an SA going on Manager with MBA and 5 yoe, promo this year is pretty set. Have since moved from PwC to another B4. Have an offer from an early stage tech startup in a non tech role and would appreciate support evaluating it.

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Anyone know of how to get discounts in Airbnb

Response 1 of 4: Hosts can setup properties with flat % discount for various length of stays. Beyond that you'd have to message them an inquiry and negotiate if they are willing

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How good is EY's free tax return service for employees

For this year, there is a special offer that was in the Daily News that they are giving employees another $100 off, I think, making simple EY TaxChat returns free. That being said, I agree with getting the TurboTax or other reimbursement that the firm still offers.

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Anyone have hertz discount codes

PSA it looks like lifetime points are showing again on the Marriott website. However, they appear to be inaccurate. I called Marriott yesterday and they told me it’s a known issue. I was off by 200k

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Anyone have a Wayfair coupon code they’d be willing to

Response 1 of 2: If you are buying something expensive, try ebay. There's a ton of people selling 10% off coupons for $4. It looks like they are all only good on your first order though. I bought several items from Wayfair this summer and I think I paid full price. They don't seem to have many coupons past the first order discount.

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US Healthcare newbie question. Is there any risk using an

Patient coupons are meant to be used! It's a way the manufacture try to justify high cost of drug. GoodRx is a good resource,and your pharmacist should be easily able to scan and get the discount reflected in your out of pocket. Further, this is in addition to your insurance coverage, and should ideally apply and discount to out of pocket costs.

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Anyone have a Wayfair coupon code

Anyone have a Wayfair coupon code? 😆 Would it be better to apply off cycle or wait for on campus recruiting? 3 reactions. Like. 1 Comment. Share. 4Y. Posting as : an Associate Strategy Consultant All things

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Suggestions for cheapest/most convenient $100k renters

When you change your mailing address via USPS you get several coupons. Lemonade is one of them. $5 off per month. Like Reply Share . 1 reactions 4 months. Posting as : a Procurement Consultant 1 . You are currently posting as …

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Hi moms! I am about four months pregnant with my first

You can add from there, but there are so many unnecessary options. It’s totally overwhelming! Also I’d skip Babylist. Did it with my first and it sucked. Amazon, target & buy buy baby (bc people can use 20% off coupons) are bomb. Easy for tracking, easy for purchasing, easy for returning.

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Seniors, what is your salary and region

$15k annually and quarterly $5 off coupons to Little Caesar’s as a bonus. It’s not much but it’s a living. Like Reply Share . 22 reactions 5 months. Recent. Posting as : Deloitte 3. You are currently posting as Deloitte 3. please go Like Reply Share .

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Is it good to take up offer in Germany for 58k. I am

When I took my leave 3 years ago, I counted total of 21 weeks of leave. That’s including one firm winter holiday week. I remember I initially thought I would be back after 16 weeks, but then in the middle of my time off I got an email from Leave Team …

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Worked until 11pm last night, but now it's 2pm on a Friday

I just got laid off from a strategy consulting boutique in the UK that primarily works with PE funds doing CDD/VDD. It goes without saying that the market is terrible. I suspect no strategy firms are hiring and it will need to be an in-house move or if I could stretch it PE/VC.

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Hi yall! I’m 22 y/o and just started working with a $110k

Hi yall! I’m 22 y/o and just started working with a $110k salary, have $7500 of student loans at a 2.2% fixed interest rate, and $2500 in fixed monthly expenses. I’m starting off with $0 net worth. Is it better to immediately pay off my student loans or invest into the market/crypto while paying the minimum for my student loans each month?

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Just got an offer as Designer I. Please help me out with

We traded right up to the 3193 by the close and have since sold off 10 points in the afterhours. This is the short sell level. As long as we stay below 3200, expect this market to revisit the original objective of 3120. 3120 sounds familiar because we saw that low in …

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What is food card in tcs salary stack

What is a realistic exit I could look at? 1st year C with 3 YOE in Cloud Engineering, NetSuite SuiteFoundation, Salesforce Admin, Certified ScrumMaster, AWS CCP, medium level of experience with Oracle SQL (including database testing), and most of my project work has been around systems design/process improvement.

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I have recently received offer from Mindtree where 2lakhs

Flexible Expenditure Plan you will have to declare. Food coupons , LTA etc. Heard from friend , mandatory every month. If you forget to declare, you will get basic only . But next month will get arrears of previous month, if next month declared.

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Anyone have a Overstock or Wayfair coupon

Response 1 of 1: USPS usually includes them both as part of the movers coupons. If you’re not able to find anyone, I’d suggest asking for people who have/going to move, and try getting the movers coupons from them.

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What is the Deloitte Marriott corporate code

Dear Slack PM, Please create a delayed send option. Sometimes ppl work late or on the weekend to catch up and want to share something with someone. But I don't want them to feel the need to respond off hours, or forget by Monday morning. I know they can turn off their notifications, but if they haven't then I'm stuck in a pickle.

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Happy fly day. Anyone got a delta drink coupon to help a

Need to vent. I feel like giving 100% (let’s be honest, usually more than that) to work isn’t enough anymore. My projects get my undivided attention, but I’m too mentally exhausted to participate in all the workplace extras.

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Is it appropriate to offer holiday gifts to new colleagues

Got an offer from MBB that I accepted and start this week. However, just heard back from a PE firm that I initially got rejected from that they need another associate and want me to start next summer. I really want to join the PE firm as that’s been an goal but that means I only stay at the firm for 6 months.

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How do you physically handle holiday tips in a large

Thoughts on what to tell my team about me taking a random Wednesday off cause i don’t want to work on my birthday. We are the kind of team that tells each other why we are out of office, sick with etc. and i know they will ask. Just don’t want them to know it’s my birthday. Hate my birthday but figured better to be off than working 🙃

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What can I setup for my baby, to make sure my baby is

US GC vs Canadian PR. I was born in a non-crazy queue country and already have my Canadian PR (through express entry). Eventual goal is to go back to my home country - but would be good to have a US/Canadian passport (both way more powerful than mine).

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Why do people think $100k is a high salary in 2021

If you all can’t live off 100k a year you all need a lesson in economics. I have a family of 4 and my annual budget is 100k. I get that is like 150k in salary but still that includes budgeting for vacations, activities for kids, college funds, savings for retirement above 401k and that budget is generous alway have extra and I live in NYC metro area.

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My gf and I are thinking of taking one year off from work

Response 1 of 19: If you have the money it’s a great idea Stop asking for consensus on decisions that only impact you and your life! Your career does not matter so much that you can’t take a year off. Go on personal leave, and when you come back tap into your old network or just start interviewing based on the amazing perspective you’ll have after taking the …

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Cheapest thing you've done after making more than $100K

- Download fast food apps for coupons. Mcdonalds has some really good daily deals lol ($7 off $20 spent) - Buy my underwear in those packs that comes in like 5-6 for $10. No bf so no care. - Use a ton of different emails for free trials on hulu, etc. I've stopped this for a while since I have nice friends that lets me leech now.

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I have got two offers from Atos Syntel-15lpa and EY GDS

I have got two offers from Atos Syntel-15lpa and EY GDS 17lpa for 7 yrs of experience. I have been selected as .Net developer for TTT service line in EY GDS. Am hearing that EY GDS puts lot of pressure while am not sure about Atos Syntel work culture.

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I’m trying to see what cities in Asia I can redeem points

May be this is off the topic.. One of my friend who is a doctor & is an international med graduate. He passed his United States Medical Licensing Exams with above average scores. He has applied fr the match last yr & was nt able to match.

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What kind of things do you do for the client when you are

Response 1 of 5: You manage the client, make sure everything is going the way it should, take notes and coordinate between departments, etc. Overall it's …

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Getting my sign-on bonus in a few days and was going to

@BAH1, one nuance to credit card debt is promotional rates. Amex has regularly given me promo rates of 1.99%, and Chase has even given me 0%. Not advocating for credit card debt generally, but have to keep in mind those types of promos.

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Anyone make it from big 4 audit to TAS without a CPA

MBB is known for fastest progression to Partner in 6-7 years and SIGNIFICANTLY better comp compared to Big 4. That said seeing some of my Big 4 friends make it to SMs in 7 years so MBB needs to amp up the meritocracy based promotions. Curious what would be the comp for a 1st year consulting partner in Big 4? 1.

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I got an offer to switch to another PA firm 20% more in

Response 1 of 6: Question becomes if they come back with a counter to match what's your response. That is a hard question to always ask yourself. And accepting the counter can be a double edged sword so. Just remember that because of your bump in salary you will see smaller raises because all position levels have a cap on them and they don't go above those.

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What are MBB Toronto offerees getting these days salary

Got a verbal offer for a job that I want. The offer is pretty good too, more in line with the work I want to do, 40% raise in base salary, and other benefits are roughly the same. Waiting on the official offer, to come on Monday. The problem is, Stockholm syndrome is real, I keep feeling bad for leaving my team as busy season is kicking off.

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Conversations that move careers forward

When is it either allowed or seen as OK to start using FTO? I recently started here and while I’m not looking to slack off and take time off, I just want to know how it works. (Plus, I don’t want to not use something that I can or should use.) Elementary stuff, I know. But I’ve freelanced my whole career until now. Thanks

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Take 2 days PTO to make a trip earlier or pay $180 more

When I took my leave 3 years ago, I counted total of 21 weeks of leave. That’s including one firm winter holiday week. I remember I initially thought I would be back after 16 weeks, but then in the middle of my time off I got an email from Leave Team …

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If you ran into someone tomorrow at lunch and they offered

Neurosurgery is not the only specialty that makes 500k. There is orthopedic surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, anesthesiology, Dermatology, etc. All of these hit mid six figures right off the bat easily. Generalists will make about half that. Give or take 100k. I think you are underestimating what doctors make. They make a crap load.

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