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Homemade Coupon Book Gift Ideas for Any Holiday or …

Give the Gift of Your Own Time, Effort, and Love With a Handmade Coupon or Coupon Book. Creating a custom coupon book is a great gift idea and it can be a fun way to spice up a birthday, anniversary, holiday, and any other special occasion. Family and friends will love these thoughtful and creative gifts from the heart.

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35 Gifts for Families Struggling Financially

34. Cleaning supplies: Laundry detergent, dish detergent, multi-surface cleaner, sponge, mop, broom, Windex, toilet cleaner, Paper towels, Toilet Paper. 35. An envelope full of cash or a check to cover monthly expenses: this can be from you or you can put together money from a group of friends. The holidays can be an extra strain for struggling

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50 Gift Ideas Under $5

Give a Gift and Get a Smile. A $5 scratch-off ticket or 5 $1 tickets placed in a homemade card. Bottle of their favorite color nail polish. Include a homemade coupon for a manicure and/or pedicure. Make a cake in a jar. It's a simple process that a child could also help with.

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Pew Marker Ideas for Your Wedding

Some brides use them all the way down the aisle, along with gossamer or tulle as a means to block off the seats down the center aisle, so guests will know to seat themselves from the sides instead of the center. but I'm a big fan if Michael's and their coupons and know I've seen them there from time to time. If I find a good source, I'll

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10 Fun Activities to Do on New Year's Day

Here are ten fun and practical ideas that you can try! Watch football. Take a (hot) yoga class. Make resolutions for the new year. Host a New Year's Day brunch. Reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues. Clean out the fridge. See a matinee movie. …

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List of Holidays and Celebrations in the USA

New Year's Eve and Day. Date: December 31 and January 1. Americans celebrate New Year's Day just as many other countries do, though they do have a few customs that are their own. At midnight between December 31 and January 1, many Americans flood the area of Times Square, Manhattan, New York to "watch the ball drop."

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Gift Ideas for Your Wife Before Going on a Tropical Vacation

Romantic homemade coupons to do various fun things while you are on vacation. Give your wife a book of handmade coupons she can cash in for some romantic fun: a back rub, a foot massage, you serenading her on the beach as the sun goes down. This is one of the best gifts you can give your wife before heading off on an exotic vacation. Your

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8 Homemade DIY Gift Ideas That Guys Will Actually Like

Use an inexpensive glass cutter to make them look perfect. 1. Cool Drinking Glasses Made From Empty Bottles. The first DIY idea could be a perfect Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas present for those guys who like to enjoy a cold drink at the end of a long day.

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How to Throw a Pirate-Themed Children's Party

I love the Dollar Tree because you can get a lot of the same party supplies there for much cheaper than at a party supply store. Another option is the clearance or party section at Hobby Lobby, where I found some pirate-themed goodies on sale (you can usually find Hobby Lobby coupons online for 40% off one full-price item.)

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Gift for …

Asking yourself the following three questions before choosing a gift to give will help ground you with a sense of purpose and narrow down your search efforts, hopefully reducing your stress in the process. pinterest-pin-it. Tatsuo Yamashita (CC 2.0) 1.

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Examples of Great Birthday Messages for Clients and Customers

Happy birthday! We are wishing you all the best for the coming year. Sending you nothing but the sincerest hopes for your well-being and happiness. Happy birthday from all of us at team ABC. While it's true that our relationship is professional, know that this isn't a business message from the owner to a client.

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Paper Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

The coupons are pale white and pink and are not in a book, so you can give your spouse as many as you want and save some for another time. The set includes 18 cards, and there is room to write a special message on each one if you like. Keep in mind that if you do not know what your spouse wants, you may be better off selecting this gift

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How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt for Adults (Fun Tips and Ideas)

20 Easter-Egg Fillers for Grown-Ups. Mini scratch-off: Who doesn't love winning big? Mini alcohol shooters: Just make sure your egg hunters are at least 21! Money: It's the perfect gift for any occasion. Condoms: Because protection is important. Coupons: A free back massage or dog walking are two great coupon ideas. Just be sure you are willing to do these things when the …

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100 Funny and Witty Quotations About Age and Getting Older

10 Quotes About Middle Age. "The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left." - Jerry M. Wright. "After 30, your body has a mind of its own." - Anonymous. "Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle."

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How to Make a Diaper Cake for a Fraction of the Cost

Implements: You'll need a pair of scissors, strong double-sided tape or glue, and some regular tape if wanted. Three Bags of Diapers ($18): This is probably the most expensive ingredient for your diaper cake, and how much you ultimately spend on the whole cake, depends on your diaper choice. If you want this mommy's advice, don't get snobby with the diaper brands.

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Original Gift Ideas for Seniors Who Don’t Want Anything

Cooktops and ranges are most frequently implicated in kitchen accidents. Elderly people are more likely to forget to turn burners off after removing pans, leave food unattended on the burner or lose track of cooking times. Others that have arthritis or Parkinson's disease can easily spill food and ignite a fire.

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How to Make Victorian-Style Lace Christmas Ornaments

Instructions. Put everything into the crock pot except the ginger, orange, cloves and liquor. Reserve 8 cinnamon sticks for stir sticks. Turn the crock pot on "High." Peel and smash the piece of ginger root with the flat side of your butcher knife and add to the crock pot.

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Homemade Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

Buy them in the off-season before the cute designs are all gone, and take advantage of any sales or coupons. I hit a few different stores for a nice variety. Decorative Punches. I highly recommend using decorative punches for these projects. You can pre-punch shapes for younger children to use, and older children really have fun punching their

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75 Things to Write in a Card to Cheer Someone Up

Pass the bottle, we'll cry together. I'm here to pick you up, take you out, and help you forget all your problems. Actually I'm here to pick you up, let you out and make you someone else's problem! You need to relax. I knew when I said that I was asking for a punch in the face. Taking one for the team.

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How to Make a Christmas Wreath out of Ornaments

The majority of my ornaments came from the Dollar Store and the dollar section of Target. Some styles were purchased on clearance from Target (70% off during after-Christmas sales). This saved me a ton of money since ornaments can be pricey. I used all plastic ornaments because I wanted my wreath to be durable and inexpensive.

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12 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

But you, a good friend or trusted family member, could help out by doing some free house-sitting or pet minding. You can package this gift up as personalized coupons with an online coupon template and some cute travel images and motifs. Good luck charms for safe travels. Saint Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travellers.

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100 Ideas for Advent Calendar Fillers

35 Practical, Fun, and Thoughtful Ideas. 1. Tester-Sized Perfume Bottles and Other Cosmetics. Make your Advent countdown a beauty-themed one and pop in scented smellies, soaps, makeup, nail polish, and more. This is a …

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Homemade Outside Halloween Decorations on a Budget

2. Ghosts. To make ghosts to hang from your trees, use twist ties, small plastic garbage bags, paper towels, and, if you’d like, a black marker. Poke a hole in the top of the plastic garbage bag and run one twist tie through it. Then take a wad of paper towels and …

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Fundraising Ideas: Creating Gift Baskets for Silent

Creating gift baskets for silent auctions and raffles can be a fun activity for volunteers and can help raise much-needed funds for a variety of causes. I've helped plan many fundraising events for local charities and organizations, and one of my favourite ways to help raise money at the event is to create gift baskets that can be raffled off

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Thrifty and Useful Gifts for a Child's Christmas Stocking

A homemade coupon (stuff like: mom or dad will do one chore for you, stay up 30 minutes later, you pick dinner on Friday night (at home), you choose the movie, etc.). You can even do multiple coupons and staple it into a little booklet. Food items that they might not get often that seem like a luxury (a clementine, a favorite baked treat, etc.)

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Unique Things to Put in Christmas and Holiday Cards

5. Personal Notes. Taking the time to write a personal note on the card is a great way to add meaning to a holiday card. Maybe remind them of something great you did together during the year, or tell them why they are so special to you. A personal note adds a great deal to the boilerplate Christmas card. 6.

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Gifts Ideas for Students Going Back to School in Their 40s

Here's another gift you can give someone who's going back to school as an adult student: tech support and computer lessons. This is a great idea for people who aren't computer savvy and now must all of a sudden figure out how to use word-processing software, internet browsers, email programs, and a whole host of other modern computer applications.

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Six Christmas Activities With No Extra Spending

Personalized coupons for babysitting, caregiver respite, house cleaning, hedge trimming, birthday dinner, or any similar form of support. Eric, hoping that these activities help take our minds off things to get and help us focus on what we can give since Christmas centers around the gift that God gave. Eric Dierker from Spring Valley,

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No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins: Quick Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Let sit for 20-30 minutes or until happy with the color. If your cheesecloth isn't fully submerged, add a little more water or place teabags on top to keep cloth underwater. Remove from the tea and wring out extra liquid. Don't rinse with water. Open completely to dry. The gauze-like material dries in about 5 minutes.

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Great Advent Calendar Ideas: What to Give Instead of Candy

Great Advent Calendar Gift Ideas. Brain teasers, puzzles and problem-solving toys. Keep curious young minds busy over the holidays with daily surprise of a challenging games, puzzle or magic trick. Cool wearable items and accessories. How about backpack charms, cell phone cases or anything that can be worn and shown off on the day it was picked

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