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Car Wash Coupons | Kwik Kar

Coupons. We want to see you more often, so we offer regular specials that will make both you and your vehicle happy. Check this page regularly to learn how you can save money and keep your auto running at peak performance. CLICK EACH IMAGE TO PRINT OR JUST SHOW US YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU CHECKOUT.

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What coupons does Kwik Kar offer? | Kwik Kar

Some of their current promotional deals include up to $30 off the Show Room Complete service where they clean your car and make it like new. The regular price is $249, but with the discount, you will only be spending about $219 to have your car, old or new, showroom ready.

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Save Money with Kwik Kar! | Kwik Kar

Thanks to free coupons offering $7 off an Express Super Clean Wash and $10 off a comprehensive Showroom Interior detailing service, you won’t even need to pay full prices to achieve satisfying results. Obtain a stunningly clean, fresh-smelling vehicle in the Flower Mound TX Area effortlessly.

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$10 off Oil Change Coupon | Kwik Kar

Your neighborhood Kwik Kar Auto Repair Center is your convenient destination for affordable, dealership quality vehicle repair and maintenance services.

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Main Home | Kwik Kar

Lube & Auto Repair 2212 Long Prairie ROAD Flower mound, tx 75022 (972) 355-8531 MON-FRI 7:30AM – 6:00PM SAT 7:30AM – 5:00PM SUN 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Blog | Kwik Kar

Your neighborhood Kwik Kar Auto Repair Center is your convenient destination for affordable, dealership quality vehicle repair and maintenance services.

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Alignments | Kwik Kar

If the average car travels 12,000 miles a year, a car with alignment that’s off by just .34 degrees drags its tires sideways for more than 68 miles in a single year. How can you tell if your car is out of alignment? Chances are, you’ll see uneven tire wear, or more wear than you’d expect for the age of your tires.

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Does My Car Really Need All This Work Done, or Am I Being

Verification: Ask to see the broken or damaged parts that are listed in the estimate, along with where that part was taken off your vehicle. The important thing is to trust your gut instinct while not allowing yourself to get pressured into expensive and possibly unnecessary repairs.

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How to Cool Down When You’re Hot Under the Hood During the

Turn off your air conditioning (AC) and see if the temperature gauge begins to fall. For an additional test, run the heater on high to quickly pull heat away from the engine. If it’s your AC causing the issue, you should see fairly fast results with the temperature gauge returning to normal.

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How Fuel Injection Systems Have Improved Over the Years

Fuel economy continues to be a big push for automobile makers as they strive to meet the stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards we’ve discussed in previous articles.. In this post, we’ll cover a brief history of fuel delivery to the engine, and go over the new technology of gasoline direct injection (GDI), also referred to as direct fuel injection (DFI), versus

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How can keeping your car waxed help? | Kwik Kar

Wax keeps your vehicle shiny and looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. If you love having a car look brand-new all the time (even if you have owned it for years!), wax it. If you don’t want to wax it by hand (and who does that much work), then take your vehicle Kwik Kar Car Wash we give you the option of waxing your vehicle.

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What is a touchless car wash! | Kwik Kar

The paint protection products and soaps are the best that the industry offers and are ecologically friendly. A soft cloth cleans, gives a sparkling shine, and is 100% safe. The fast and efficient car detailing crews use the finest products and get you back on the road as quickly as possible so that you can show off your sparkling vehicle!

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2WD, 4WD and AWD – It’s Important You Know - Kwik Kar

4-Wheel-Drive (4WD): 4WD vehicles are optimized for heavy off-road use, have a high and low gear range, and some even have differential gears which lets the driver lock the left or right wheels of the front or rear axles so they turn at different speeds for maximum traction. This system is designed to either stay on full-time, or some can be

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It's a New Year, Start it with a Clean Car? | Kwik Kar

Kwik Kar Car Wash and Detail of Flower Mound TX can provide you with a clean car to help you start the new year off right. We use advanced cleaning techniques and safe and reliable cleaning products to make certain that your car looks its best. Our experienced company uses state-of-the-art equipment that will not harm your car’s finish.

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St. Patricks Day Special | Kwik Kar

Kwik Kar Lube & Auto Repair of Flower Mound TX has a St. Patricks Day special for our customers. We are offering the follow: a free alignment check

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Kwik Kar Wash & Detail Center – April 2018 Specials

$5 off a First Class Wash, Super Clean or Detail Services. Plus, $20 off Showroom Complete Detail.

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safety Archives | Kwik Kar

The weather is starting to cool off a bit and here in Texas most of[] 30 Oct. Follow us. facebook; twitter; foursquare; Join Our Newsletter. We send out coupons, news and so much more!

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Are You Overlooking Your Car’s Basic Maintenance Needs?

Make it a point to check and top off the following fluids as necessary: Engine Coolant, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Windshield Wiper Fluid, and Transmission Fluid. Not Replacing Windshield Wipers – Make it a point to check your wipers at every turn of the season so you can replace them before your next storm.

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Its Pollen Season - Don’t Let It Sit on Your Paint! | Kwik Kar

Pollen is a sticky substance and it can be hard to get it off of a paint job once it has been allowed to build up. These small particles are designed to be able to attach themselves to other plants, but they are also able to attach to the surface of car paint quite easily. We send out coupons, news and so much more! We respect your privacy

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Don’t leave dust and grime on your car! | Kwik Kar

Road construction areas are often rife with potentially detrimental materials such as wet tar and loose stones. These byproducts often fly into the air and ricochet off passing vehicles. Said action often results in the development of unwanted grooves or scratches. Problems Paint Damage Can Result In

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