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Wyeast 1469 Yorkshire Ale Now a Year-Round Strain

And finally, if you'd like to try the 1469 strain, we will be offering 20% off this yeast for the next week, while supplies last. Just add the yeast to your cart with the rest of your order and use this coupon code: Brew1469. Cheers!

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Northern Brewer Gift Cards

$20 off orders over $100 Use code WINTER20 at checkout. Cancel Login Account; Wishlist; Help Help; Shopping Cart View cart. Beer Starter Kits. BACK. Beer Starter Kits. Homebrewing Starter Kits. BACK Homebrewing Starter Kits; 1 Gallon Beer Making Kits; 5 Gallon Beer Making Kits

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Spike Brewing coupon code

Anyone have a coupon code for Spike Brewing? I'm about to pull the trigger and purchase a 10 gallon kettle. If I'm using it just as a brew kettle is one coupler sufficient? Or should I get the 2 coupler kettle so its future proof? I don't really need a thermometer in it but an extra coupler could be useful down the road. I plan on doing 5 gallon all grain with 7-8 gallon boils …

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PicoBrew Zymatic

I got to take advantage of the discount going on and used a coupon code from a forum member to get an extra $50 off. If anyone moves forward I would love for you to use my coupon code KYZ5R you'll save $50 and I'll save some money too.

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Shipping Information

Orders placed by 11:59 am central (CST) generally ship within 2 business days. UPS Ground estimated delivery dates are 1-4 business days from the time the order is shipped, depending on the zone. Free shipping on orders over $49.

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15 Gallon MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle

When you have the best, show it off! Additional information. SKU: 42015A, 42015B: Available with weldless ball-valve or ball-valve and thermometer. Ideal for: bringing 11-12 gallon batches to a full boil. Mash Tun for 5-7 gallon All Grain brewing. Hot Liquor Tank on 15-20 gallon All-Grain systems when paired with a larger mash tun and boil kettle.

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How to Make Beer in 4 Basic Steps

Dry yeast is the easiest, as you don't have to prepare it beforehand. Sanitize the yeast pack + scissors, cut the corner off the yeast pack, and pour the yeast into the fermenter. 5. Seal your fermenter, add a fermentation air lock, and store in a dark cool place. Ales should stay at 68 degrees to ferment properly.

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Contact Northern Brewer Customer Service 7 Days A Week

7 day-a-week Product and Brewing Support. We love brewing beer (and wine) and we love helping others on their brewing adventure. We are happy to help with any homebrew supply questions, 7 days a week, (excluding major holidays). We take pride in our tech support and our team is ready to help you with any aspect of your brewing experience.

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Beer and Wine Bottling

These brown glass beer bottles, a.k.a. Bombers, take a standard pry-off crown cap (sold separately). A home brew best seller, they are sold 12 per View full details Beer Bottles 16 oz. - 12 pack $19.99 Our brown glass European-style 16 oz. beer bottles take a …

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12 Pack of Beer Bottles

Features: Plain and unmarked brown beer bottles. 12 pack of 12 ounce (350 ml) bottles. Suitable for all beer, mead, and ciders. Sturdy carrying case for easy transportation. Just add crown top bottle caps, a bottle capper and you’re ready to go.

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Beer Recipe Kits

Our beer recipe kits come ready with all the fresh ingredients you need to begin brewing a batch of beer. For seasoned professionals and new brewers alike.

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Home Brew Single Keg System w/ Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Keg

The Single Home Brew Keg System is, hands down, the fastest, hassle-free way to get your very own taproom up and running ASAP. Start serving and sharing your brew within just days of receiving your new system, when you customize it with the perfect CO2 cylinders for you. Compact yet easily expandable, the Single Keg System is the perfect place

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Beer Home Brewing Equipment & Supplies

You can never have too much home brewing equipment! We stock all of the beer brewing supplies you need for your home brew setup. Take your recipe from Brew Kettle to Beer Keg with our wide selection of beer brewing equipment. Easy to use Home Brewing Starter Kits help you learn to brew it yourself. As you advance in the brewing process, trust that you will find the …

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Beer Recipe Kits

This Beer's For You American Lager All Grain Beer Recipe Kit. from $39.99. The most ubiquitous style of beer found in the US is the American Light Lager, and this is what many people simply know as “beer”. This recipe util View full details.

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Best Setup with a 2k budget

Hello Everyone, It has been about 8 years since I brewed beer, do to moving and other related issues I just havent had the time but am looking forward to diving back in head first. My question is what would be the best kit or set up that you would get with a 2k budget for someone who has experience brewing (would need to dust off the cobwebs). Thank you in …

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Kama Citra Session IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit

Where curiosity flirts with slightly naughtier sensibilities, there, Kama Citra is born. Bridging the gap between the classic American Pale Ale and West Coast IPA, Kama Citra is a deliciously decadent session ale bursting with provocative flavors, all …

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Blichmann Boilermaker G2 Brew Kettle (7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30

Blichmann Boilermaker G2 Brew Kettle (7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 55 Gallon) 4 reviews. Out of Stock. $259.99. & Free Shipping Details. Brew Pot Size. 7.5 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot 10 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot 15 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot 20 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot 30 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot 55 Gallon BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot.

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Extract Beer Recipe Kits

Our selection of extract home brew kits is unparalleled. We've sold over 1 million beer brewing recipe kits since opening our doors 20 years ago. We've received more than 6,000 5 star reviews on our extract kits.

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Homebrew Starter Kit

The perfect beer making starter kit for craft beer enthusiasts. This all-inclusive brewing kit is fun and foolproof with some of the most trusted instructions in homebrewing. Rest assured that no matter what your method of learning is, your first homebrew is sure to be a success. The Brew Share Enjoy beer making kit makes 2 cases of your very

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All Grain Brewing Systems & Equipment

Grainfather G30 120v All-in-One All-Grain Brewing System. $899.00. The Grainfather G30 120v allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in one fully electric, self-contained system. Now includes the Connect Cont

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{"title":"Northern Brewer Promotions","description":"\u003cimg src=\"\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2785\/6868\/files\/deals_lph.jpg?v=1542047309\" alt=\"All

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Wine Recipe & Ingredient Kits

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Small Batch Wine Kit - Winexpert Classic 1 Gallon Kit. $35.99. The Cabernet Sauvignon small batch wine recipe kit from Winexpert contains all the ingredients you need to make 1 Gallon of high quality wine. Grap View full details. 10 reviews.

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