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Sarah Marshall → Coupon Code: 1235 George Johnson → Coupon Code: 1236 If there are additional custom fields in the same creative, you would simply label them subsequently as 2,3,4, etc. depending on the number of custom fields.

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GUIDEBOOK Deliverability Best Practices Email Creative

discount offers and coupons. ﹢ Strong call to action: make sure your call to action is clear and relevant to your subject line. Consumers who open an email that doesn't match the subject line are more likely to opt out of communicating with you. ﹢ Create a sense of urgency: create an expiration date for your offer, even if you don't have

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Email Mistakes & How to Handle Them

Email marketers are only human. As a result, they have made a variety of different email mistakes when sending off an email campaign. Email marketing, though often questioned in today’s social-media focused environment, remains as one of the top ways to communicate with customers and owns the highest ROI for many companies.

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