Roblox: Promo Codes For Free Items In January 2022

Roblox has a catalog where players can purchase items for their avatar, and unfortunately, these items cost Robux. However, there are a few ways for you to acquire free items for your avatar this January 2022, including from Roblox promo codes.The New Year is here, so expect some New Year-themed items to arrive in the promo codes shop soon.

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Get Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China For Free During

If you jump on the sale early you can save an extra 15% off with coupon code LUNAR15. The code expires later this week, so make sure to check out the discounts while you can. All told, the Lunar Sale includes over 386 products, meaning there's bound to be something that catches your eye.

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Get A $10 Epic Games Store Coupon For Using Rocket League

There’s a limit of one coupon per transaction, and if you try to return the game you just bought with that coupon, you’ll only get the money back that you actually spent and not the value of the coupon. Via: But it is a free $10 for basically whatever you want on the Epic Games Store just for adding Rocket League to your

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Rainbow Six Siege Is Under Ten Dollars On Fanatical

However, if one enters the code "FANATICAL10," they will receive a little more than 10% off the sale price at $7.19. The Deluxe Edition of Rainbow Six Siege has also received a discount of 60% off at $11.99 from $29.99. The same coupon code reducing the standard edition's sale price will bring the Deluxe Edition's price to $10.79.

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Epic Games Having A Summer Sale Of Its Own

Far Cry New Dawn is 75% off, Assassin's Creed: Origins is 80% off, Watch Dogs 2 is 80% off, and Far Cry 5 is 85% off. This is basically mirroring prices from the Ubisoft Forward sale, so if you missed that, grab some sweet Ubisoft games here. via Epic Games Store. Note that you can combine the Epic Summer Sale prices with coupons obtained

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In honour of May Day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has introduced a new island with a maze filled with fruits, Bell Vouchers, and countless dead ends that players can explore until May 7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons started the month by celebrating May Day, a public holiday devoted to labourers and the working class.Starting May 1, New Horizons has …

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Super Animal Royale: Secret Loot (And How To Find It)

Every now and then there are free coupons out and about that give you a number of items to complete an outfit. Different streamers frequently have coupon codes for Super Animal Royale that gift you outfits, umbrellas, and the like. You can also find free coupons online that are always available for the taking.

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PC Players Aren't Happy About The $5 Standalone Version Of

Starting December 1st and running until February 15th, Red Dead Online will arrive with an introductory price of just $5. With such a low price point, players are sure to flock to Red Dead Online, but that has led to concerns that the PC version of the game will become overrun with hackers. Now all I can see is the upcoming horror of trying to

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Best Games You Can Get On The Epic Store

As such, it's a gorgeous game, showing off what the engine is capable of in terms of graphical detail. Unreal Tournament has been a bit short-staffed, leading to it getting put on the backburner for Epic Games. However, the launch of the Epic Games Store has essentially given the game a new avenue. It's free-to-play and still has a ways to go

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10 Best Games Offered On Epic Games

Whilst this title is not out just yet, it’s well worth putting on the list. The Division 2 is coming out March 15th and again, Epic Games has stolen this title away from Steam. A follow up to the critically acclaimed The Division, The Division 2 looks to take all the best aspects of the original game and dive into a more vibrant yet devastated Washington DC.

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Black Desert Online: How To Get Your First Boat

Black Desert Online allows players to explore the vast world, traveling to new cities and defeating powerful bosses. In addition to this, you will get the opportunity to have a boat to travel the seas. In this guide, we are going to go over how to get your first boat. There are several different types of boats available, and it can be hard to know where to start.

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Where To Get Cheapest Prices For Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

On the PC platform, you have a few options at your disposal. Steam currently has Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for $19.99 US, which is its normal price. However, on Humble Bundle, it's currently 20% off for those who have Humble Choice, their games subscription model. On Fanatical, you can get the game at 5% off if you purchase a game beforehand.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Saharah is a special visitor that can appear on the player's island on any random day of the week. This camel comes from a far away land and sells things to decorate the player's home with. Saharah sells three sizes of rugs, random wallpapers, and random flooring. Each time the player buys a rug, they receive a coupon from Saharah and the

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Give Gaming Peripheral Ecosystems The Finger With SignalRGB

Generally, I don’t find them to be quite as intricate as the iCUE game integrations, but the trade-off is that SignalRGB offers so many and, when there isn’t an integration for the game you’re playing, the ambient screen effect is a fantastic substitute.

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Black Desert Online: How To Play The Corsair Class

The Corsair is the latest class to be introduced in Black Desert Online and being a pirate-themed character, she made quite a splash. Not only does that theme make her unique as far as all characters go, but she's also proven herself to …

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Help Fight The Voth Advance In Latest Star Trek Online Event

Participating in these TFOs will earn you Daily Progress points towards the new grand prize pool of awards. This year, you get to choose your grand prize from a selection that includes three options containing any Infinity Promo or Infinity Lock Box T6 ship, 1,500 Lobi Crystals, or two 100% off Coupons for Tier 6 Ships in the Zen Store.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Now 50% Off On Steam

The Spartan's greatest adventures are now available for 50% off with Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam. All of these adventures that have been fully remastered, and are now dirt cheap on Valve's platform. Each of these games can be purchased for around $20: The PC version of these games has been optimized for the platform.

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You're Alone Against The Tide In The New Call Of Cthulhu

As with most all Chaosium PDF products, purchasing the PDF earns you a coupon for that price discounted off the physical product when it gets published. Of course, you will need the core Call of Cthulhu Seventh Edition rules to play, either the hardcover Keeper’s Rulebook ($54.95) or the Starter Set ($24.99). If you go with the Starter Set

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Why Baldur’s Gate 3 Costs $60 Despite Being Early Access

Baldur's Gate 3, an upcoming role-playing video game that is being developed and published by Larian Studios, is set to launch on Early Access on September 30. According to Larian director of publishing Michael Douse, Baldur's Gate 3 will be listed at $60, which makes it Larian's most expensive PC game yet.

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Things You Need To Know About Genshin Impact's Hu Tao

Find out everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's most unique Pyro DPS, the weird and wonderful Hu Tao. Genshin Impact surprised players by releasing Hu Tao, a pyro polearm user who is one of the most powerful five-stars to date. She runs the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as the director, is a friend to Zhongli, and also one of the most

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PUBG Will Be Free-To-Play Next Year

As last night's trailer confirmed, PUBG is going free-to-play, but only for casual quick-match games. For access to ranked or custom matches, players will need to pay a one-time fee of $12.99 for Battlegrounds Plus, which also provides players with a 100% XP boost, career medals, the Captain's Camo cosmetic set, and 1,300 G-coins.

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State Of Play TheGamer

Here's a recap of everything that was shown off during PlayStation's April 2021 State of Play. Sam Watanuki Apr 29, 2021. Game News. Mrs. Zurkon Is The Shopkeeper In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart "Mrs. Zurkon doesn't cut coupons, she cuts enemies." Well, not anymore. James Troughton Apr 29, 2021 Show More. trending.

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Old-School MMO Astellia Is Free This Weekend

All players have to do is enter the coupon code ASTELLIAFREETRIAL to get started at the official Astellia website. Those who want to keep playing only have to pay a one-time $29.99 payment for a game license -- though there are some benefits to paying more, because of course there are. Source: Twitter. NEXT: Blizzcon 2019 Kicks Off With A

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Fanatical Is Hosting A 25th Anniversary Sale With Huge

You can grab that for 18% off. If you're looking to hit up some Ubisoft titles, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is 75% off, while Assassin's Creed Origins is 80% off. Hit up some Capcom titles with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition at 35% off or Resident Evil 3 …

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Epic Extends Its Holiday Sale For Another Week

Considering you can still use your $10 coupon on it, that does knock the price to half off. Still, developer Mike Bithel did a great job with the game and everyone that's a fan of the films should give it a go. At any rate, if you want to get some of 2019's biggest games on the cheap, now is your last chance to do so.

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Monster Prom: 10 Best Endings In The Game (& How To

Monster Prom is full of unique characters, from the main 8 to tons of side characters. It's all about wacky and absurd humor and has over 1000 situations that you can end up in! There are many different endings to the game, including over 40 secret endings that you can unlock or trigger at random.

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Best Buy Gamer's Club Is No More

During that time, members got 20% off all new video games. The deal even stacked with any sales and coupons Best Buy had going at the time of purchase, making it one of the better deals in gaming. News of the service's sudden discontinuation broke on the Best Buy subreddit, where one employee posted a picture showing a pile of signs and

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NZXT's Black Friday Sale Makes This The Year To Build A

All of their other products (minus the new audio line) will be 10% off all weekend. Sales will also be run on Amazon and Newegg that cover various NZXT-branded PC cases and fans. Just search for the H-series cases and Kraken lines. PC gaming is an expensive hobby. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer sales that can help cut down the entry price.

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7 Best Melee Weapons In Dying Light: Platinum Edition

It holds the highest damage potential out of all one-handed melee weapons, even when compared to the Volatile Hunter Baton. Sadly, it's currently unavailable to obtain since you need to type in the coupon code "HOPENEVERDIES" into the weapon's official coupon webpage. There's currently no news regarding its availability but keep an eye out.

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Animal Crossing: 10 Things You Should Know About Wolf Link

The Welcome Amiibo Update gave players in Animal Crossing: New Leaf a different set of characters to enjoy. It allowed you to add amiibo figures to the game by summoning the Wisp. These figures usually cost anywhere from $9 to $16 at the store, depending upon their popularity and how new they are to the lineup.

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Mr. Love: Queen's Choice Walkthrough

Love can appear in many ways as you work your way through the world as a media producer in Mr. Love: Queen's Choice.There are plenty of characters and storylines to follow, but if you want to know all the correct City News answers to reach this unique conclusion, you'll need to know just the right things to say. Running your own production studio is a tall …

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Family Guy: 25 Things About Peter That Make No Sense

He refuses, saying that he had a bad experience with taking coupons from giant chickens. Cue one of the greatest fight scenes ever seen in animated history: an epic showdown taking place across a variety of errors with Peter eventually managing to vanquish his foe (only to see those evil chicken eyes opening as Peter walks off into the sunset).

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Genshin Impact Character EXP Farming — How To Grind EXP In

The best way to go about farming Adventurer's Experience is to use 20 Original Resin and complete the Ley Line Outcrop - Blossom of Revelation boss in Mondstadt. This single encounter, assuming you're strong enough to beat the boss, will give you a guaranteed ten to 11 Adventurer's Experience. Even getting just ten would still equate to 50,000

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15 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made In Resident Evil

15 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made In Resident Evil. Through the franchise’s much storied history, there have been countless misfires, screw ups, and weird moments. Resident Evil is now generally regarded as the Grandpappy (in the mafia sense and otherwise) of survival horror. It wasn’t the first, as such, with the likes of Alone in the Dark

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Cities Skylines: The 15 Best DLCs You Can Get Today

15 Cities: Skylines - Match Day (Stadiums) This one is a pretty consolidated DLC. It gives you the stadium as the big item and the rest of it is based on its customization and revenue spikes from sporting events. Other than that, you get …

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The Future of Fortnite Marketing

Unfortunately, the first thing that came to my mind was coupons. Let’s say the last three remaining teams in a limited-time event would get coupons for a free meal at a fast-food restaurant. But that just doesn’t seem Fortnite-y enough, does it? Epic Games likes to get way more involved, and loves showing off the fact that it can do so.

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10 Hilarious Ways Kingdom Hearts' Economy Makes No Sense

10 Hilarious Ways Kingdom Hearts' Economy Makes No Sense. The Disney multiverse Kingdom Hearts games are confounding, if fun. Their economy is one of the most confusing things in the series. How does it work? Kingdom Heart s ' confounding, dimension-jumping world is known for two big things.

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The 15 Best Looking PS4 Graphics Of The Decade, Ranked

The Ratchet and Clank series was always one of the go-to games on the PlayStation 3 when it came to showing off the console's visuals. However, with the remake that was released in 2016, the bar was raised even higher and made players feel like they were participating in a Pixar movie.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Listen up and become a savvy investor! While there are several “interesting” ways to make a ton of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not everyone relishes the idea of becoming a world-renowned tarantula hunter, or a cheating time traveler (I said it, anyone who disagrees can fight me by the fishing pond.) Instead, using the savings account is perfectly …

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The Sims 4: Best Mod Creators

The main one is the T.O.O.L mod which stands for take objects off lot and does exactly this. There's also the better build buy mod that adds filters and names to debug items as well as enabling freecam in build mode. Related: The Sims 4 Guide: Finding And Installing Custom Content.

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James Troughton TheGamer

PSA: You Have One More Day To Get Death Stranding For 60% Off On Steam Kojima's award-winning 2019 hit is currently on sale on …

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Infinity War: 10 Marvel Actors Who Are Real Tough Guys

Avengers: Infinity War has blown both audiences and box offices away, making $250 million in their opening weekend alone. This is not at all a surprise, considering the masterful buildup that Marvel Studios has been working on ever since The Avengers in 2010. The Avengers introduced an overarching villain to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one that Marvel fans have …

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Why Some Blizzard Fans Think Diablo 2 Is Better Than 3

Most Blizzard fans are adamant that Diablo 2 is better than Diablo 3, and here's a look as to why this is a popularly held opinion. It's clear that people still hold Diablo 2 in high regard, especially after Blizzard Entertainment's announcement regarding the remake/remaster, called Diablo 2: Resurrected. After all, Diablo 2 is often hailed as

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Archive TheGamer

TheGamer delivers the biggest video game news, in-depth interviews, honest reviews, timely previews, and surprising stories.

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Lost Vikings 2 And RPM Racing Coming To Blizzard Arcade

In a surprisingly pro-consumer move for the publisher, Activision Blizzard announced last night that both Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing would be getting added to the Blizzard Arcade Collection in the compilation's latest patch. The extra games come alongside a host of new features and quality-of-life improvements that touch up these retro titles for …

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Times Nintendo Games Insulted Gamers’ Intelligence

Nintendo threw out any idea that Samus was a strong female character with the Zero Suit. This “suit” is nothing more than a skintight leotard designed to show off Samus’s… assets. “Well, maybe it’s just the under-layer to her armor, and it serves a tactical purpose!” I hear you try and justify.

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